This web site is all about exactly how Spybubble cell phone spy works. You will learn how Spybubble spies on and extracts information from a persons cell phone and allows you to view this information. This web site is also about how to use Spybubble. You will learn in a simple and very easy step by step format exactly how to install Spybubble spy to any phone with specified instructions for all cell phones.

Spybubble phone spy web site.

If you are intelligent enough to be able to follow the instructions of a recipe to make a batch of cookies you are intelligent enough to learn how to install and use Spybubble without any difficulties. Using a cell phone spy like Spybubble to be able to 'Monitor' all the communications and activities of a mobile phones seems so unbelievable and almost magical leaves people wondering 'How does Spybubble work?'.

How does Spybubble work is often a cover up for the question 'DOES Spybubble REALLY work' or ' Is Spybubble a Scam?' Spybubble works exactly the same way as all cell phone monitoring and spyware software does. In reality how a phone spy program works is nothing magical and wouldn't even be considered a technological stretch. How Spybubble or any cell phone spy works is pretty basic and simple. In case you are not very familiar with what Spybubble is...

Here is Spybubble Cell Phone Spy Website

Here is a step by step Video of how Spybubble works and how to use and install Spybubble. This video expands on what is discussed here as well as actually showing you the process of installing Spybubble to an Android HTC Evo cell phone.


Spy bubble has two parts to it. The first part of Spybubble is the information gathering or the spy part. This is the actual spying application of Spybubble that gets installed to the cell phone you want to monitor. This part of Spybubble silently captures full details of all phone calls, e-mails, and text messages sent and received by the target cell phone as well as recording the exact physical location of the cell phone owner at all times. This part of spy bubble is the information gathering part. The second part of Spybubble allows you to view the details that have been captured by the first part. The second part is a website/web server/spybubble members area. Diagram showing how Spybubble works. The first part, the Spybubble spying application, relays all of the information it gathers to this second part. Of course the Spybubble application does this silently and secretly in the background. For example let's say the target cell phone receives a phone call at 6:22 PM. Lets say the target cell phone (the one with the Spybubble application installed on it) remains in a conversation during this phone call for 22 min. and 15 seconds. As soon as the target cell phone disconnects from the phone call the Spybubble spying application (part #1) relays all the information about this phone call to the second part of Spybubble in your Spybubble members area. It relays the exact time of the call (6:22 PM) it records exactly how long the phone call lasted (22 min.15 seconds) and the phone number that called the target cell phone.

The Information Gathering Part of Spybubble...

all phone calls made and received time of call, call duration, phone numbers
all SMS sent and received time of SMS, phone numbers, SMS contents
exact physical location of phone updated every hour, viewable on map
cell phone contact list see every name and number stored in phonebook
every E-main sent and received time of email, phone numbers, email contents
every web site visited time web sites visited, web addresses
all photos captured by cell phones camera time photo captured, actual photograph


Using spy bubble is extremely easy. How Spybubble works may seem somewhat complicated but as far as you are concerned, the person wanting to monitor or spy on a mobile phone, your part in the whole process is extremely simple and uncomplicated.

Using Spybubble is a simple, fast, three step process:

  1. Purchase Spybubble. This part is easy because Spybubble is the least expensive phone monitoring software program and membership there is. Spybubble costs $49. Unlike most cell phone monitoring applications Spybubble has no recurring fees. All other cell phone spy software cost so many dollars per month or per quarter or  per year. Immediately after purchasing Spybubble you will get an e-mail from them. This e-mail will include three critical things.
    1. Your username and password for logging in to the Spybubble members area (the second part of the spy bubble application discussed above in how spy bubble works).
    2. A web address for the actual spy application which is the first part of Spybubble discussed above in how Spybubble works.
    3. A Spybubble license key.

    note: in order for Spybubble to work properly or work at all you must install Spybubble to a cell phone compatible with Spybubble. Almost all smart phones are compatible with Spybubble but before you proceed further look at the complete list of every cell phone Spybubble will work on. Spybubble will work on most Blackberry, Windows Mobile, IPhone, Symbian (Nokia), and Android smart phones.

  2. Install the Spybubble application, the first part of spy bubble, to the cell phone you wish to monitor.

    To use Spybubble to spy on another phone you do have to get access to that phone one time for about 5 min. to install the application to it.

    This process is not difficult or complicated at all. You simply use the cell phones built-in web browser to navigate to the web address of the Spybubble application, part one of Spybubble discussed above. The Spybubble app will begin downloading to the cell phone. The actual file size of the Spybubble application is fairly small so the entire download process will take less than a minute. After the download has successfully completed you enter in your Spybubble license key to activate the Spybubble spying application. You then shut down and restart the phone. From then on the Spybubble spying application will monitor everything that cell phone does as discussed above in how Spybubble works. To see how simple it is to install the Spybubble app to the cell phone here are the Spybubble install manuals for the different types of smart phones.
    1. Installing Spybubble to Android smart phone.
    2. Installing Spybubble to Blackberry phones.
    3. Installing Spybubble to Windows Mobile phones.
    4. Installing Spybubble to IPhones.
    5. Installing Spybubble to Symbian/Nokia
  3. How to use the Spybubble members area.
  4. This last step in had a you Spybubble is the easiest and most fun! Any time you wish 24 hours a day you simply login to the spy bubble members area with a username and password provided in step one above. Once logged in you select from a menu on the right-hand side of the page which spy information the spy bubble application has captured you wish to view. If you want to view information on all phone calls made and received by the target cell phone you click the call history link from the menu. If you wish to review all information about text messages sent and received by the target phone you click the SMS history link from the menu. To view all the locations the cell phone and its owner has traveled you click on the GPS tracking link from the menu. The same applies for E-mail sent and received by the cell phone with Spybubble installed, as well as web sites visited with the target cell phone browser as well as any photos captured with the target cell phone camera.

Spybubble DOES Work Well

As you can see how Spybubble works and how to use Spybubble is much simpler and less complicated than many people make it out to be. I have personally purchased and used Spybubble on my own cell phone to learn more about Spybubble and how it works. The phone I installed to was an HTC Evo. The install of Spybubble to my cell phone literally took less than 2 min. from start to finish. Spybubble started displaying information about my phone such as calls, text messages etc. within about 20 min. after it was installed to my HTC Evo. As for Spybubble complaints I have none.

Spybubble works perfectly without any problems or errors. Any questions I had about Spybubble and using Spybubble that I directed to the Spybubble support team always got answered by the next morning at the latest. If you have any questions about Spybubble such as how Spybubble works or how to use Spybubble please feel free to E-mail me and I will answer your question probably even faster than the Spybubble support team.

Using Spybubble to monitor someone's cell phone is not only easy but it's loads of fun as well.

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